Fake, phone-attacking cell-towers are all across America



im sure the FCC will get right on this one. (/s)


There is an app in development for “normal” androids that will give you some of the same warnings. A more sophisticated device was recently reviewed on a German tech site. The article also mentions the android app.

The Neo900 project directly addresses this hacking route, the modem is a firewalled module with a software controlled power cutoff for offline mode. You can follow the discussion at talk.maemo.org though

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They’re static towers, right? Triangulate the signals, post locations online, let things devolve from there?


Yea I was wondering if an online catalog would be considered a felony. I’m curious if any are in my area, but not very motivated.

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… says a guy with a product to sell.


“patent-pending software”

What lazy reporting. You pretty much plagiarized the images and most of the text from Popular Science. How about doing some work for a change?

“Standard towers, run by say, Verizon or T-Mobile, will have a name, whereas interceptors often do not …”

Interceptor towers to acquire convincing-seeming fake names in 3 … 2 … 1 …


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve read BB voraciously for ten years, and never noticed the very thing you highlight!

I’d much appreciate if you could point me to your own excellent work - I’m 100% - 110% ! - sure it will far exceed boingboing.net’s quality and reach!


It isn’t wrong to claim that someone is being lazy but I do take issue with a response that goes “well can you do better???” …That’s just a lazy response. :slight_smile: Instead, why not make a snarky response about how BoingBoing in this case didn’t do any reporting, contrary to the commenter’s claim - it’s nicely refuted on that point as BB just linked to something and Popsci.com did the actual reporting.

A couple of questions, if anyone knows the answers:

Is this a worldwide issue or just something that is true for the US? I’m asking more about the tech side of things rather than political/societal side.

The source code’s license seems pretty restrictive - it certainly isn’t a GPL or even BSD-style license. Does the source code do the community any real good, other than to verify that it is bug-free/does-what-it-claims?

Because complaining about the site is a drag to read.

that would be progress. if they are too convincing, they might face a lawsuit from the legitimate operators.

is this actually a violation?

BoingBoing is a blog, which for those who don’t know is short for web log - a series of excerpts or references to articles or content found on other sites. By definition blogs are not original content, except for the commentary.

That said, sometimes bloggers over-excerpt, and that’s not right; it takes readers and credit away from the authors of original content. I think blog posts should be limited to excerpting 50 words at most.

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Does being a violation or not have any impact on what the military and Government services do anyway?

Not when it’s the government doing it, clearly.

something about my property being hackable and therefore searchable, and therefore the data sieze-able whenever I am near a military base, that is really quite unreasonable.

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I support you saying so here, and doing so at your blog!