With water down, gold prospecting is up in California


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I believe technically you’re supposed to find the silver lining.


It’s there…

he can see mercury balls


Thankfully, it’s not like most methods of gold extraction both require and potentially contaminate substantial amounts of water, so this should go swimmingly.


Sorry, you didn’t hear? Pool’s closed. Plenty of sand to play in, though!


I’d love to try it. I panned once in Colorado, but it was from a sluice box, so it wasn’t like authentic outdoor panning.


Hmmm, I’ll be meeting my wife and her co-worker up there this weekend…


Scene coming to a California creek near you:

Also can’t pass up a chance at posting Clint Eastwood singing, explaining just what the allure is:


Whereabouts exactly? I’d like to go camping this summer up there.



was waiting for somebody to take advantage of the set-up…


I am a huge fan of Sardine Lake. There is a swimming pond, a lake stocked with trout where my daughter never fails to catch dinner, and tons of great hiking, fishing and gold panning around.

US Federal camping site is here:

There is also a “resort” there that is very cute. Good restaurant, nice people.

The entire river system there is EXCELLENT for panning for gold. I have a book here I’ll take down and share (I am surprised I haven’t already) on the website.

Sardine Lake was a mining tail-out.


Fantastic. Thanks! I think I have a book on panning somewhere when I was super interested in doing it years ago, but I seem to have lost it.


Nemo is always welcome and well loved by the campsite hosts at Sardine Lake too. Dogs WELCOME.


My roommate literally booked a cabin at sardine lake within 5 minutes of me sending it to her. Two dogs. :slight_smile:


People have been able to pan for gold in southern California for decades, whether or not there’s a drought.


If you want to pan for gold, become a well-paid critic.


Friend of mine used to go gold-panning when she lived in New Mexico. Said it was very much like going fishing; there’s a nominal goal you’re hoping to get lucky and achieve, but really you’re having fun hanging out outdoors on a hot day with a cool river keeping your six-pack of beer cold.


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