Wolfgang Puck's pressure oven cooks stuff crazy fast


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Looks like 25% of Amazon reviews are 1 star due to the unit failing within a month or so for various reasons.


I wonder if it would be any good for storing welding rods. I have a toaster oven for that, but it isn’t airtight.


Puck, huh… does that mean this oven is much better at self-promotion than at cooking?


I like how all sales are final. BB really stands behind the junk they sell.


Unfortunately, that’s Stacksocial for you, given that they’re presumably buying overstock lots. Carries full manufacturer’s warranty, though.


Meh. I’ll stick to toaster ovens over this thing. They’re simple and fault tolerant. I’ve successfully roasted whole fryer chickens in mine, but Cornish hens do better. Most toaster ovens will accommodate two at the same time.


Does it save me room in my kitchen that I already don’t have crazy fast?

Is it smaller, or easier to store than the conventional pressure cooker I already don’t use?


I somehow wound up with a Puck-branded countertop oven and it is complete and utter garbage that I can’t possibly replace soon enough. So, yes.



Crazy fast like climb a mountain, stand on one leg at the peak and don’t eat for a week, or crazy fast like a rocket car? Which one of the two involves your kitchen?


I used to stock those Wolfgang Puck Pressure Ovens at Bed, Bath & Beyond. First of all, it’s crazy heavy. Like 50 lbs in a box. Try lifting on of those over your head, resting on your shoulder, while you climb down an A-frame ladder. Next, the valve on the top is plastic, and fails almost instantly. Here’s a trick we learned at BB&B: if the product needs a celebrity’s name on it to sell it (save George Forman’s grill since he actually helped develop it), it’s usually low quality.

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