Woman sings like animals and makes awesome sound effects


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Oh that was obviously Photoshopped. Nobody sounds like that!


A hundred years or so ago, when I was young, I remember seeing (I think on the Steve Allen Show) the woman who had produced, with her voice, all the jungle sounds for the (very forgettable) Tony Perkins movie Green Mansions. She too was amazing.


Pretty wild


Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a Happy Mutant. The Red Sonja/Hippy Witch aesthetic is just icing on the cake. I am in love. More of this, less of everything else!


I am still partial to Martin Denny…



She’s using overtone singing, the same technique that Tuvan throat singers use, which is difficult to do at all, nevermind do well enough to do freakin’ BIRDCALLS.

Though this video confirms that no matter what their personal appearance or presence is otherwise, everyone looks like a goofball playing the jawsharp.


Let’s just call them mouth harps.


At a certain point when it gets really wild I hear a beat/hi-hat sound that I think is mixed in (Because that sound would be physically impossible to make at the same time). Still very impressive.


they definitely mix in a drum track at the end. For a moment I thought she might be beatboxing as well…





Hah my dad collected his LPs back when they were hip.

EDIT: What the hell is that tune? Is that Poinciana?


It’s Quiet Village, no? A Les Baxter composition.


Not exactly the same, but similar.


Horse voice though.


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