Woman's $284bn electric bill disputed


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Except that it IS that cold there.

I just moved back to California after almost 5 years about 35 miles from Erie in western New York along the shores of Lake Erie. Man, those are some wintertime electricity bills!


Or too much free time at Christmas! Show me the pixels! I think it was Photoshopped for some Christmas social media buzz.


It’s not that bad: I live in southern Ontario and just shoveled my driveway a few times in my PJ’s, with my parka open.

In other news, I’m fairly certain that the snowplow person is actually out to get me again this year.


Some wimp probably just didn’t want to have to keep a straight face while explaining to the SEC the material fact that potential income roughly 20 times higher than their typical yearly income involves the outstanding balance of a random woman in Erie.


She clearly is running a grow house with that kind of energy consumption! Time for a “no knock” raid by the feds, and forfeiture of all her assets! (you know some a-hole LEO thought this, but then went “nah, even I couldn’t stand in front of a judge with a straight face trying to justify that”…


Isn’t it 284 trillion? that last character looks like a comma, suggesting trillions (or even more)


I’d be inclined to trust her, unless she has a GoFundMe asking for $284 billion…


I guess I should probably reconsider leaving autopay on my electric bill…though BofA would probably get a kick out of an ACH request for $284B from my measly checking account.


She’s lucky it wasn’t only a few thousand - she would probably have to pay it. If she lived in Calgary and it was a water bill. The Calgary woman’s alleged monthly consumption was about half an Olympic pool. Maybe a leaky toilet, according to the company. The company is owned by the city.


My neighbor went to Kyoto for a funeral and her 3/8" tub feed broke, her water bill was over $4K for that quarter. The city said they “have no way of monitoring such small leaks” to which I suggested comparative analysis - her bills had been around $90 for the last 10 years. “Not interested” was the reply. It’s my understanding that a great deal of water is lost to leaks throughout the entire system but city said anything smaller than a 2" line leak would not be noticed, which begs the question, if they know how many gallons they treated and served (and they do according to annual report, chemical use etc), can’t they compare that to total billed use to target waste?


But what do you do to get a $284bn electric bill? Start your own sun for heating?


The face of deregulation.


Life imitating art?


There are meters that call in the reading over landline or wireless. I don’t know whether residents can monitor consumption other than going down to the basement every day and recording the reading.


I’d be very worried if that was remotely possible in their accounting system.


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