Women, sex, and monkeys: what primatology can teach us about female desire

"With primatology, science has refused to see that females are the aggressors, the rulers, the initiators of sex. For so long, almost to a humorous extent, we have looked right past the truth; which is that the females are leaving their young, they’re objectifying their mates, they’re the agents of desire. The psychologist had to… READ THE REST

Harlots. Clearly we shall have to send forth evangelists to propagate St. Paul’s Epistle to the Simians to curb the arboreal Jezebels of Apedom!

Nice article. I was reminded of the film Natural Selection which I think is a good and humorous portrait of cultural expectations and actual inclinations.

I’ve heard a few women friends say they are like the male stereotype in that they don’t get attached to lovers, almost as a point of pride or toughness.

This just in: The idea that women have sexual appetites surprises some people.

This dovetails nicely with the article When Women Wanted Sex Much More than Men which shows how for most of recorded history, “common wisdom” held that women had higher sex-drives than men, and it wasn’t until the puritan movement that this changed.

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