Won a Pi Zero W from ZipCar


I’m actually VERY late responding to the winner tweet so I just assumed i missed the boat but as it turns out they asked for my address anyway so. Yea I’m going to get a pi zero w soon. A stick of gum sized computer.

Is there a case that exists that this thing plugs into that a AA battery slots into so I can have a tiny tiny wifi/bluetooth doodad I can stuff in a pocket?

As an early/first project plan on using Piratebox/librarybox to try making an ebook server (just to see if I can.) looking for headless project ideas.

I can scavange a power brick and a SD card pretty easy. So any projects I want to poke at are based on assuming that. This thing wil have bluetooth and wifi. I have a tablet and or laptop. Suggestions box is now open for projects OTHER THAN emulators/media box. Focusing on Headless concepts.


Awesome! :smiley:

If it was me, I’d be looking at some IoCT* applications. Maybe plug in a speaker and some text-to-speech stuff, add a servo, some LEDs and wire the whole thing into a disembodied dolls head (with movable jaw) in a bell jar, triggering it to read aloud any e-mails with a particular keyword in them, but only between certain hours.

This is totally not what you’re after. :laughing: But grats on the win, anyway!

*Internet of Creepy Things


Get one of the $3 pi zero cases from aliexpress and a small power bank and rubber band them together.


Get with the times, that’s already been built:


That is the diametric opposite of what was requested!


The ‘Big’ project i have in mind after the ‘easy’ ebook server project (where I’d make an .img file of it when it works to my satisfaction) is something like an alphasmart.

I’m just not sure the best way to do that. Box with a display a keyboard plugs into? A thing wired into a keyboard that acts as a passthrough if you plug it into a system that has a display?

I… don’t know. I just like the alphasmart.

Pi Zero-w has arrived. Currently it lives in my glasses case while i figure out what to do.

Did the basics of 'oh hey let’s see if i can SSH into it and run updates and…

Current goal is to take Piratebox, file off the ‘pirate’ branding, and see if I can’t edit a few things to have a media box (yes yes library box. I really should check to see if they’re Pi-W compatible yet.) After that?

End Goal is to try making Cory’s PAN Devices and or the MandleBot I’d seen in the old comments section (offline peer to peer personal social page/node that can talk to other devices like itself to get more stuff.)

Edit: The Zero can act as a thing that plugs into a computer’s USB port and draw power from that port. It has wifi. Could I plug Pi into computer that has no wifi and have it use the pi’s wifi? If so since the Pi is a full linux machine could a PiHole or other security minded protection/from the rest of the network be made out of it?

Usage Cases: I go to some public access point and don’t want my computer exposed, or I want anyone that tries to get into my computer to see the pi instead (maybe nice to leave a public facing ‘oh hi you’e reached the terminal of USERNAME please leave any messages in the box below or files you wish for USERNAME to look at and they will get reviewed at USERNAME’s earlierst convenience.’

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