WordPress honours fraudulent copyright complaint from UK "straight rights" group, cooperates in censorship


Can’t they send a DMCA Counter Notice? Or is WordPress ignoring those?

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The owner of the WP blog wrote something about not wanting to subject himself to a judicial forum for fear of being sued. It was weak sauce.

Based on my limited knowledge of the DMCA, that sounds like they’re giving up their Safe Harbor protections if they don’t follow the counter notice procedures, since that appears to be required to maintain the protection. It’s also a very cowardly thing to leave your customers to hang.

Original article here. Please feel free to post on your Wordpress site, Facebook, and that MySpace account you’ve ignored for years.

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“Straight rights”? Straight rights? At least the Men’s Rights idiots can point to the occasional instance where a man has got the short end of the stick (ignoring all the systemic odds otherwise in their favour, obv).

These clowns seem to think they have a god-given right to, what, not put up with other people being different? Not being called out for being bigots?

This is presumably what happens when you DO avoid anyone different… you lose any sense of how absurd you appear to anyone outside your circle.


I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering what ‘straight rights’ were about. How, in any way, shape or form, are the rights of heterosexuals affected by giving the same or equivalent rights to gay people?

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StraightPride have had their twitter account hacked and it is hilarious.

Check it out quick, before they realise and fix it. @StraightPrideUK


There are people who really believe that making gay marriage legal will make their own heterosexual marriages less meaningful. The two arguments that I have heard:

(1) Marriage represents a relationship between God and two people. Homosexuality is a sin, so God would not recognize a marriage between gay people. If you allow gay marriage, you are therefore taking God out of marriage which hurts the very idea of marriage and thus damages marriages for all people.

(2) In legal documents, if only straight marriages are allowed, you can refer to the participants as “man” and “wife”. If gay people are allowed to be married, then marriage certificates issued by the city/county/whatever would become something like “person 1” and “person 2”. Having a marriage certificate that does not refer to a straight couple as “man and wife” takes away something (?) from the marriage.

People also use the idea of marriage = God + man + woman to argue that gay people should not want to be married since they cannot have a real marriage without God. I am not sure what they would have to say about atheists getting married. I am also not sure why they think a certain religion “owns” the idea of marriage (not all religions view marriage as a religious act).

[quote=“fireshadow, post:9, topic:7127”]
I am also not sure why they think a certain religion “owns” the idea of marriage (not all religions view marriage as a religious act).[/quote]

Small-minded people of all stripes tend to believe their culture/religion/social group invented everything important.

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