WordTsar: WordStar updated "for the 21st Century"

You may be right. I certainly remember the name Wordperfect. One of them used to burn a rectangle into the monitor with it’s startup screen if you left it on. Anyway, I am not going back: my memories are probably better than reality. Let’s put up the picture of the “why not both?” girl and leave it at that.

I learned ‘emacs’ in about 1985 and I am still discovering tricks in it that were there back. If I was to start on a new text editor today, I would be 94 before I got to the same level.

I know the feeling. Problem is, I got used to an obscure text editor which nobody else uses anymore. For each new gcc version I pray I still get it to compile. If I switch it will be to vim or emacs I guess. Atom and the likes first need to prove they have the longevity to make really learning them worthwhile.

Wordstar had visible formatting codes like Wordperfect for many but not all things. Some wordstar commands just put the text where you told it to go and did not insert any visible codes, but those were in the minority. Most of the time, it was possible to see the formatting commands and often even to search/replace them.

Earlier this year I booted up the old CP/M I used to play around with as a kid and ran Wordstar for the first time in decades. Sadly, there weren’t any long lost files of any interest on the disk.

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