Work is for Saps

The Abolition of Work

I can’t speak to the host website, so here’s Wikipedia on the subject: The Abolition of Work - Wikipedia


Work is, emphatically, not for saps! But jobs are for people with too much free time and not enough goals. Most jobs, anyway. Money isn’t so bad, but once people get you to prostitute yourself for it you lose their respect, and your leverage.

My previous job tried to buy me with irrelevant perqs but let me go when I couldn’t commit to 80+ hours per week, and tried making it something like 50-60 so I could continue my education, keep up with my house, and get to know my estranged son prior to working myself to death.

I don’t need money that badly, I could survive off the land for half the time and enjoy it twice as much. So I made up my mind to only work for people I trust. If we can’t come to a mutual agreement - I don’t do it.

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Thanks, but I just got off work.

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