World of Warcraft publisher suspends pro player for supporting Hong Kong

BTW there’s a recent update to the drama:

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This is why esports has not connected with me on a level that soccer, tennis, football, baseball, and hell even wrestling as a child spoke to me.

There is no governing body over the sport. There is just the corporation.

But I suppose even with the NBA their players are no more shielded from international financial pyramids tied to national power structures.

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It’s sad to see the games Blizzard developed independantly get yoked by corporate overlords. Thank god for social media allowing consumers to push back in a meaningful way. Strange times.

That Blizzard died in 2008 when it was bought out by Activision.

This quote is usually accompanied by what’s supposedly a translation of an official Blizzard post on Baidu apologizing for the outburst and promising that it intends to protect the reputation of China to the greatest extent possible :grin:

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