Chinese World of Warcraft crime-boss sentenced to two years


i bet almost 0 boingboingers play dota, but i just had to do it.

Wait, so they netted around one dollar per account? And if WOW is anything like other websites, these guys weren’t “hacking,” they were just tricking newbies into handing over passwords. So, really, wringing a dollar apiece out of the tears of children. At least the hackers in Ready Player One were kind of cool.


94 cents per account, they would have made more money working at Walmart, and that’s saying something.

Well, on average. It’s probably that most of the accounts they hacked only had low-level Chars on them, and therefore nothing worth selling. It’s been a loooong while since I’ve last played WOW (back when the level cap was still 60), but I’m pretty sure that the only gear really “worth” any real money is the high-tier endgame/raiding stuff.

Most of that stuff is bind on pickup so you can’t trade it or sell it to other people. Some of it is bind on equip so it can be traded or sold. They pretty much just wanted gold to sell. When I last played, if someone’s account was broken into, they’d just liquidate whatever was in their inventory, withdraw whatever gold they could from the guild bank, and transfer that to other characters they controlled. Then they’d sell the gold for money.

Is there a footnote that I’m missing that says all numbers are in $K?
How can a $10,000 heist be news?
Isn’t there some sort of minimum take before you can be called a Crime Boss or have a cybercrime ring?
I guess it was just a slow news day in Zhejiang.

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