How a crook defrauded an online crime BBS


How many ISK were taken?

If this was a crime in the physical world, wouldn’t we be using words like “accused” and not presuming guilt based on hearsay?

There’s already been suggestions made that “Boneless” didn’t really do the theft him/herself, but sold access to the Boneless account. Splitting hairs, perhaps, but let’s try and hold a higher standard for accusations of criminal acts.

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Kind of like saying the works of Shakespeare were actually authored by a different man with the same name?

I was going to say, it’s like EVE but with real life bastards.

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The big surprise is that it isn’t just a honeypot. Kind of like the ads in the back of Soldier of Fortune that caught so many people trying to find a contractor to kill their spouses back in the 80’s, I assume that things like this and Silk Road are mainly frequented by law enforcement.

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“Welcome to the internet, where the men are men, the women are men, and the children are FBI agents!”


Prior to the theft, Boneless had been a sterling member of the community

Sounds like he’s the best member of the community. It’s like the ending of The Mechanic

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I am sure most of the community is applauding tonight, and shaking their heads.

This reminds me of a guy I used to talk to a lot who loved to use the phrase, “honor among thieves.” He never realized it is an ironic expression.

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