Man tricks bitcoin scammer into sending him $50

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Isn’t scamming a scammer out of $50 still scamming? I imagine burglars being burgled is still a crime.


OK, that’s a good warmup. Next - try to get $500 from a “Nigerian prince”.


Yeah, and also this person is probably not the actual scammer. This person is probably getting paid near starvation wages to man a phone (or multiple phones) in some hellish call-center like location. I’m a little concerned what will happen to the person for losing US$50.

Like this place, for instance:


A crying face emoji! Wow, pulling out the trump cards. Still… I am not sure whether crying face emoji is more or less potent than a strongly worded letter.


I would refer you to Section 17B Paragraph 6 of the US Penal Code.

“As long as you donate the money to charity or like, use it to buy a really sweet utility knife it’s totally cool.”


Remember. Stealing is okay if you’re stealing from people who tried to steal from you first.

Ben here just videotaped himself committing wirefraud.


I’m a little less concerned. The people may have a crappy situation, but they have to know that they’re working a scam to rip off people, and are choosing this over a probably more crappy, but honest, job. You’re still a thief if you’re doing the work for a boss thief.


I find that I’m pretty comfortable with that.

Unless he’s personal enemies with a prosecutor and the jury pool, I wouldn’t be too worried.


This story had me until he donated the money to bitcoin venezuela.

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How do you fuck with the dopes who try to blackmail you with supposed highjacked video of you watching porn? They always want a weirdly low and specific amount of Bitcoin (like $185) as ransom.

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