Real-world bitcoin robberies

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The built-in ease of laundering stolen cryptocurrency combined with the arrogance and false sense of invulnerability characteristic of the typical Bitcoin bug must make thefts of these Math Beanie Babies very attractive to particularly nasty criminals. The crimes that involve transferring the crypto to another wallet (as opposed to stealing fiat involved in an exchange) are especially gruesome: drugging, kidnapping, home invasions, torture by drill, etc.


Somebody has to post it, might as well be me:


i checked the list, but didn’t see my name on there regarding the case of the hacker who would agree to not expose video of me “enjoying” adult sites to my entire contact list in exchange for $1650 in bitcoin.


Seems to me this would be a perfect “honeypot” for police to catch some of these criminals. It seems the social media aspect could work as well as those set up by vice squads to catch men preying on young folks.


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