Cyber-crooks turn to Bitcoin extortion

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BoingBoing, I did hacked @newliminted’s acount to send you a extortion letter. If you do not deposit 1BTC into @Boundegar’s account by Monday I will do a bunch of stuff to masacre your reputation and cuase ireprable harm to your buisness. Snicerely,
Not @newliminted or @Boundegar

(@Boundegar we split it, kk?)


Three ways even, or I tip them off as to who you are…

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Print the extortion note in the local paper. The more people who know about the threat, the greater the probability for doing even more brisk business.


Yeah, but I read on Yelp that the local paper is full of shit.


Yeah, I don’t really know anything about this place. Could even be that the food’s pretty shit too.

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So, should we start referring to crimes like the Nokia job as “dollar extortion”? I just want to make sure I get the terminology right.

Just don’t blame me for your spelling dude.

Ah, now here’s something that Bitcoin is ideal for.


Wonder if this will get the same level of attention from the feds as Silk Road.

Oh noes, Bitcoin extortion! That kind of thing never happens with cash! Er, umm… well, ignore that part, right Cory?

Its okay, I’m sure there will be another Haunted Mansion related post in your future so you can go back to crooning about Benevolent Corporations like usual. Or perhaps a “makies” self-promotional blogvert?

I wonder if you can subdivide a bitcoin down far enough to make a payment of .02¢, just to screw with them?

At the current rate of $595.90 USD to 1 BTC, and the Satoshi equal to 1/100,000,000 of a Bitcoin, you can subdivide 1 Bitcoin down to 0.0005959¢ units if you’d like to.

“bitcoin” extortion still seems more competitive for the victim than the “no opt out” dollar extortion of eg banks, bail-ins and graduated income tax which is not spent on the purposes for which it was extracted.

As for bitcoin for being a dream currency for crooks- money used to be too before it had more strings attached than a marionette.

Quite the idée fixe you have there.


Have you considered switching to Bitcoin for all your extorting needs? Bitcoin: the “con” is already built in!

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I prefer the old ways


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Lazy ass kids. In my day we’d at least send some of the boys down to the Pizzeria and offer to sell them insurance for protection against this sort of thing. It might take a little hands on motivation, but back then people weren’t afraid of real work.


Public knowledge of this sort of shit going on is going to do more to damage the credibility of Yelp, health and police departments than any retail establishment. Taking anonymous reports of meth production in a pizza joint seriously doesn’t exactly make your cops look competent. Or even employable.