World's most expensive apartments: only 9 in 62 paid council tax

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The apartment wasn’t sold. The company was. Oh, really, the apartment was part of the company Assets? Who knew?

News flash: wealthy people have access to good tax lawyers. Film at 11

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The remaining income, which is often almost entirely derived from business rates, and council tax, typically on a close to 50:50 basis, funds all other local government functions: the police, fire service, recycling, refuse collection / removal, council leisure centres, park and ride schemes, maintenance of parks and open spaces, street cleaning, subsidising of public transport, tourism, museums, environmental health and food safety (for example, in pubs, restaurants, and shops), planning services, support for voluntary groups, meals on wheels, facilities for young people, social care, adapting homes for disabled people, play centres for children, cctv installation, sports facilities, issuing taxi licences, flood defences, and many others.

I’d say the answer is simple: No refuse collection or street cleaning for One Hyde Park until the tax has been payed. If that doesn’t persuade them then maybe moving on to no police will.

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