World's Most Useless Machine, now with more uselessness

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What a useful machine!

Well that’s a whole new way for the server-side GIF resizer to fail. Randomly changing aspect ratio?

To be read in comic book guy’s voice:

The useless machine is defined by having only one function. Turning itself off. What is displayed here is a spinning machine, whose function is activated by toggling the switch.


Worst. Machine. Ever.



More use than a politician.

Does way too much. It’s like building a machine to over explain a joke.


Attention Boing Boing Readers: The Frivolous Engineering brand Useless Machine is guaranteed to be COMPLETELY USELESS, or your money back!

I thought the point was that it didn’t DO anything except switch itself off.

Now it DOES stuff.

In a misguided attempt to make it better, they succeeded in making it worse.


It could be a use_ful_ machine if it turned off some Kenny G audio.

Reminds me an awful lot of this useless machine:

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