World's smallest man dancing with his pet cat


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This photo threatens my long held belief that if my cat was that big (proportional to me) I’d be dinner. After hours of torture and being batted around of course.


I agree…I’d sure feed the kitty all kind of treats to make sure he’s full.


Kitty might be big, but don’t forget who has the thumbs. That’s right, can you open the cans, Fluffy? I think not. (But just in case, I always show my cats the receipt for the cat food.)


One day…


My friend Bhil had a cat with thumbs, named Mr. Feet. Fully opposable with three claws on each thumb. Also another seven toes on each front foot and eleven on each back foot (but no thumbs there). So forty-two claws total.

Sadly (or perhaps fortunately for the human species) Mr. Feet was dumb as a post. Probably the least intelligent feline I ever met. It was pretty neat to see him carrying around a live, wildly buzzing cicada enveloped in his big hairy fist, though.



shortly after the impromptu waltz with the schoolmaster Behemoth headed across town to Griboedov’s restaurant, where he threatened to make it warm for somebody.


Oh man! I would trade both my cats and half of my son for one of those!


How lucky for that cat to have found a dancing man.


I would like to drink Margaritas with this comment.


Best Ames Room EVAH.

We own one of the few Ames Couches, used here to make Mrs Spat (left) look larger than her Siamese boyfriend.


Judging from his surroundings, that is a pretty good sized cat, though.




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