Worst highways in the USA

Yup. That’s where I learned the trick of putting on the hazard lights. At first, you think to yourself “why does that truck have hazard lights flashing? I wonder what’s wrong with it? Oh look, there’s a car with their flashers going too. And wait, another one. Well, at least I can see them, unlike those other…OOOOH.”


Around here it is inevitably a SUV that has gone into the barrier after doing a 720, because the owner thinks they are immune to physics.


That disease exists across most of the US, particularly in snowy places. The Saturday before Thanksgiving I had the unfortunate luck of driving through the first winter storm of the season in SE MI driving back from Ohio. An SUV with Ohio plates (not that I’m necessarily disparaging Ohio drivers here, but…) flew past me close to posted speed when it really wasn’t safe to go any faster than about 40 MPH, and I passed the thing about 10 miles later because it was in the ditch. ::sadtrombone::


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