Would you live in a treehouse?

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Humans are like termites, only larger.

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Yes. Yes, I would.


I thought a treehouse would be romantic, so I once raised the possibility. I was immediately informed that unless it has full plumbing, it is the opposite of romantic.

Gotta admire that practical streak :smile:


No, no I would not. But an underground lair with a lake beside it and a panoramic underwater view of the flora and fauna…?

(Or lava. I’ll also take lava)


I admit that the idea is tempting, but right now, I live in a townhouse with a tablecloth-sized concrete backyard. But then, I live in a fairly large city (for Canada). In the future, if I move some place more rural, where I can afford a place with a backyard suitable for a treehouse… Who knows?

There used to be a treehouse in Arden, Delaware. Not sure if it’s still there. Arden was built as a Henry Georgist utopian socialist village, mainly populated at first by artsy types from the Philadelphia area, and people could build pretty much anything they wanted. It’s a small town near where I grew up, and its local community hall does annual Gilbert and Sullivan plays, weekly folk dancing, town dinners, there’s nearby Shakespeare in the Park, etc.

George’s philosophy was that land belongs to everybody, and if you “own” it, you’re depriving other people of the ability to use it, so you owe the community payment in return. In practice, that meant that you rented the land from the town, and could use it any way you wanted, whether that was farming, building big houses, whatever - George believed that would encourage people to develop it in economically optimal ways. It was a philosophy that probably made more sense in a mostly-agricultural economy, where land rather than labor and creativity were the basis of most wealth, and it somewhat ignores land having different desirability (but it was the US East Coast, where it’s pretty much all good land.) It was a nice place to live near.


Would I? WOOD I ?!?


Big nose Big nose


Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson had a great tree house.


As a kid i was obsessed with building tree forts. My friends and my brother were never great at putting together sensible forts and our parents would have to fight with the neighborhood association about our ugly buildings on the tree. And then a few months later we’d be at it again.

I really cherish those memories of hanging out on that tree, talking and just basically relaxing. I would love to live in a tree house if given the chance (:


I would live in a treehouse. I would probably live anywhere. It seems to me that I’m only picky about where I live for the sake of my wife and children.

When I was a kid, I always wanted a treehouse. My dad always said we didn’t have the right kind of trees, so I never got to have one. When it was my turn, I built my kids a treehouse. They were completely indifferent to it.

I built that treehouse out of wood reclaimed from pallets. It was a lot of work, but it was free (in the sense that it cost me no actual dollars). That treehouse lasted four years before the wood was so fragile that the whole thing was unsafe. I had to tear the whole thing down earlier this year. I was the only one sad to see it go.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but better this time.

Moral of the story: if you decide to build a treehouse out of wood from pallets, be thoughtful about how you protect it from the elements.


Henry George still has a lot to teach us today.

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In a heartbeat!!

Oh how I want a cave house with a running stream in it! You don’t even know!!


The tree in my backyard is trying to lift my bedroom up from the foundation. Does that count?


Treehouse Guys
Treehouse Masters
One show is HGTV, the other Animal Planet. Maybe you (or BB) can partner with them and get one built.

It’s pretty much the way to go if you’re Korowai.


The tree house I built as a kid was also made from reclaimed or scavanged materials. They held up really well but we lived in a drier area and most of the material was in the shade. For palettes I’d definitely try to protect it though, it’s generally in a rough state to begin with

One of my dreams is to go to Turkey and stay in one of Kadir’s Tree Houses. I read about it in a travel article more than fifteen years ago and have never forgotten the author’s main piece of advice: “Have a beer with Kadir.”

@japhroaig Do you plan to sit in your lair and obsess over your precious?