Writing advice from crime novelist James Crumley

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For me, James Crumley ranks right up there with the likes of Donald Westlake (AKA Richard Stark) and Raymond Chandler.

Wow, really? I gotta check him out asap so :slight_smile:

Side-note: that second cover… is bizarre…

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I’ll check him out too. I’ve been re-reading Chandler during quarantine & marvel at his prose. Learning that he was gay added another layer of depth to his taciturn, comedic, heartbroken narrators.

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Chandler was gay? Didn’t know. Though maybe it helps explain the bookstore in the Big Sleep (when I first saw the movie before reading the book had no idea what was up there!)

Probably best to substitute your local Cable TV company for The Telephone Company these days.

And I’m just starting to realize Terry Gross is this generation’s Studs Terkel.

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