WTF is wrong with people

so basic googling says this isn’t the first… but fuck.
yet another reason I don’t play a lot of online multiplayer shit.


Yep, this was in my hometown. I hope they find that SWATter and pin him to the wall.


I completely don’t understand how, after telcos went to so much trouble to establish caller-id and have so many essential services depend on it, that they allowed it to be bypassed so trivially. This isn’t leet hacking or phreaking, these are goatse-sized holes that they opened up in their own systems.

Some corporations need to be smacked with major lawsuits for that kind of criminal irresponsibility.


This was just bound to happen sooner or later.

When you create a fake police emergency that sends heavily armed police with itchy trigger fingers to an innocent person’s house there’s an extreme likelihood of someone getting killed.

The person that called this in is directly responsible for this victim’s death whether they realize it or not.


It’s by design, too so PBXs can function correctly.

Spoofed caller ID is definitely illegal but it’s very hard to enforce which is how robo caller scumbags can constantly getting away with it with things like “neighbor spoofing”.


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