Wyden's "Mind Your Own Business Act" would force online services to respect Do Not Track

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/10/17/times-up-for-tracking.html


YES. Ron Wyden is a good man


Awesome. Now let’s work on the ability to publicly flog CEOs of companies that only exist to violate people’s privacy.


Do we count the USA in with that? Asking for a friend…


DNT always reminded me of the IP evil bit except without a hint of irony. It had no teeth, it would have had to be voluntarily retrofitted into any company’s ecosystem (which requires a budget), and could open up companies to liability if they screw up (if the EFF’s policy page is to be believed – see Enforcement) . And that’s assuming they aren’t in a business where they’re throwing away revenue by doing so.

Or companies could ignore it exists at all – one more half-baked spec in a field of half-baked specs – and run no risk at all, exactly as they’ve been doing since. One might even argue that ignoring the unknown is the best way to “fail gracefully” on the World Wide Web.

It’s nice to see it being given some teeth. Without those teeth, it was always doomed to be ignored.

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This is the part where I again suggest reading Shoshana Zuboff’s Surveillance Capitalism

As one chief data scientist told her, “Conditioning at scale is essential to the new science of massively engineered human behavior.” The most persuasive (and terrifying) sections of her book chart this rapid growth of Silicon Valley’s ambitions, from mass data extraction to ubiquitous monitoring to widespread behavior modification.

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I must say, Ron isn’t comporting himself like a Senator is expected to. Which is awesome. Glad he’s one of my guys!


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