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Hey all! I’m using chrome and browse the /blog address. When Xeni posts a political entry, the comments link takes me back to the top of the blog.

Why? Design or accident?


Known issue. Something she is doing when she posts trips a bug and we get a redirect rather than a comment link. They’re aware and presumably working on it.


Yep, it happens across all browsers on all platforms. I’ve seen it happen to some other folks posts, too, so it’s not just Xeni’s.

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I noticed it happening here or there in the past, but suddenly it felt to me like it was only happening with Xeni and only the political entries… I took it personally and wondered if I had made some secret double probation list. Lol


@orenwolf Once again when I click on the comment link, it takes me either to the home blog page, or the post page. Not the BBS page.

That has been happening on several posts, but not all of them.


@orenwolf @xeni Again the comments on several Xeni posts (Legionella, US military in the election) are linking back to the home page. I find it especially frustrating today as it means I see way more of that hideous Karen mask than I care to. Apparently some folks were still able to comment but not me. Thanks!

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Is it just Xeni? That’s weird. Shouldn’t this be automatic as part of the BBS?

Oh, maybe we should be asking @codinghorror

@xeni (and @orenwolf) I had to go to the bbs page to find the comments thread on this. Many of your posts recently have comments links that go straight back to the post. It’s been going on for couple of weeks or more. I know Ken said it was being looked at a week or more ago but it’s definitely not fixed.

Ken - could the bbs home page provide an option to list threads in the same order as blog view, perhaps? I cannot seem to do that, which makes looking for threads on the multiple posts daily where this happens, a bit hit and miss.

Plus, FYI (probably you already know, but just in case…) I’ve had several threads recently where when I click reply to any earlier comment or to the topic itself the box opens up and I can type away but then I see that the submit reply blue button is greyed out, so I cannot comment after all.

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The missing comments link is a known issue, the Discourse team is working on it.

I have no idea what is up with your greyed out comment button, though. I recommend searching/posting in meta’s big category for that one:

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Same here. Only happened once, though

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Thanks, Ken.

I’ll search there to see and maybe report the not being able to reply thing. Glad it’s not just me, though. It has happened to me three or maybe four times in the past week or so.

It’s certainly taking them a long time.

One wonders how long it would take them to back out all changes made since it started being reported - and put that back into production, thus fixing the problem pro tem - and then apply them one by one in their test environment until the culprits are found and a fix can be applied and then an updated production release made.

Hey-ho. I guess we’d better not hold our breaths.

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