Comments links heading to bbs front page

As in the title - comments links on BB posts were going back to the article a couple of days ago, now they’re heading to the front page of the BBS. What gives?


Lots of info in this thread

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It’s by design, at least until the permanent fix happens:

ETA @atteSmythe :cup_with_straw:

It’s traditional.


It is annoying to a person with ADHD since now I have to open all the interesting comments and cannot fine the comments from the article I’m reading and am interested in checking

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For what it’s worth, I haven’t been on the front page in years.
Always straight to the BBS. It takes some scrolling, I’m late to the party now and then, and some threads I won’t notice until after they’ve closed.
The interesting stuff gets tagged/bookmarked.
Not ideal - still the better experience for me.


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