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So there’s this thing that happens on BoingBoing articles where the “comments” link doesn’t point to a BBS thread, but rather back to the BB article itself. It seems like it happens probably 20% of the time. Usually it seems to get fixed, but I’m not sure if it’s some sort of automated housekeeping or if one of the site admins has to go in and manually fix it. Maybe there’s a delay in automation when articles get posted before the corresponding BBS thread gets created, and this is how it manifests?

Anyway it’s a real bummer when it happens, especially when one has some top-class snark to share.


the “farmer cutting his hair with sheep shears” article has this problem

@jlw any idea who might know why this happens? It’s frequent enough to be super frustrating.

The gateway from the Blog to the BBS was designed to be bi-directional, but we quickly stopped using it that way. I do not believe it was ever re-engineered to be completely effective for its now-actual purpose, as opposed to the designed one.

We are doing a lot of backend work to the main site right now. The BBS software is wholly maintained by the folks at discourse and while we were a beta tester for them I think our purpose for this BBS, which runs on their software, is pretty distant from what they are designing for. Ken does a wonderful job of balancing the heavy and light handed management style this place takes and we do not have to turn it off.

It is a known problem. I am not sure it is one that is getting fixed soon.


Thanks, glad it’s at least on someone’s radar. What’s the appropriate way to address an individual post where there’s no forum? Is there a specific person we should tag in that case, or should we manually make a post in #boing, or…?

It’s a totally different thing if the comment topic here on the BBS doesn’t get created at all - that shouldn’t be happening. Only the comments topic on Boing Boing itself tends to fail to update properly initially.

Oh, ok, so the topic generally exists, just isn’t getting linked properly? Easy enough to find the topic the long way round, then. Should we tag you (or someone else) to let it know it hasn’t linked right?

Posts to the topic result in the topic getting resynched on the BB side, which seems to, eventually, fix the issue. If you see them stuck for an unreasonable amount of time, feel free to ping me.


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I didn’t know! Thanks for educating me…

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