Links in BBS do not lead back to main article

Links in the BBS do not lead back to the main article. A 504 gateway error results. This started this morning.

There is nothing wrong with the links themselves. Copy-pasting the link into a new tab works fine. Accessing links from the BoingBoing homepage works fine.



Not sure I can reproduce the problem? You are referring to this link, at the bottom of the first post in each Boing category topic?

Clicking or tapping that does take me to the boing boing article at as expected?

Yes that’s the link I’m referring to.

I tried a link that I know worked in the past. It is now broken.

Our backend is down. Orenwolf is on it.


Wondered why there hadn’t been any updates to the page since this morning.

It will work if you delete the ? after .html and everything after it. Presumably the BBS inserts that.

This should be resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.



Thank you kindly good sir!


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