Problem with "permalinks"


I’m having a problem with some of the permalinks at the top of the pages in the BBS. I’ve clicked on several and gotten a 404 thingie…



I think part of BoingBoing’s site is down. All of the articles on the front page lead to 404s when you try to get to the actual article.


Yeah, same for me. Can’t get them through rss or even getting to


Came to BBS to see what was up with /page/1. Glad to know I’m not the only one encountering this problem. Definitely still not liking the two-column format on the main page, I wish they’d go back to the one-column layout so we could stop going to /page/1 in the first place


I can’t stand that layout, i never use it. Guess i’m old school and prefer a bit of linearity.

Normal service does appear to have resumed anyway.


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