Can't access old boingboing posts

This is actually an issue with, not the BBS, but I guess this category works.

I’m trying to look up some old BB articles about Orwell. Many different posts turn up through the search function, but every time I click on one, I get an article about Sarah Mirk and her book “Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules.” A rejoinder from the Junior Pro-Sex League, perhaps?

Among all the new topics I’ve clicked on today, about half have presented this same article. The comments following seem to indicate it’s just me that got served the article. ?

Are you still seeing this? I clicked on one of the permalinks in the first post of a recent discussion topic and I’m not seeing it?

The problem does seem to be fixed. Thanks.

OK, but we didn’t do anything to fix it…?

What are you insinuating? That I’m imagining all this? You’re just like the rest of them!


Just that the fix was not on the Discourse side as far as I know.

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Been there. Both the best and the worst kind of fix.

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Yes. hrrmph. I fixed it. Um, with my wizardry! You’re welcome.

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