What happened to the small link to the bbs on the main bb headlines?

It appears that I now have to click in to every headline and scroll to the bottom to get to the Discuss link. This seem daft, and likely to encourage me (and others?) away from commenting on posts.

Oh, and I am using the http://boingboing.net/page/1 format as I much prefer it to the bb redesign.

all you have to do is go to the address line of the browser and add the characters “bbs.” to the front of the address and it will take you to the list view.

It’s in the “hamburger” drop-down menu – the three stacked lines in the upper right corner.

no, that’s just a link to the main BBS page, not the thread for the blog post.

Thanks @navarro and @crenquis, but as @caze says, I’m looking for the grey number/speech bubble that used to appear on the byline under each headline. It links directly to the bbs discussion of that post, without having to click on the “Read the rest” link. Quite often the posts don’t actually have any more content so it’s just extra clicking and scrolling!

Oddly enough, ONE post still shows this (currently on http://boingboing.net/page/2) among the rest that don’t, and I have no idea why.

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This is fixed. Will show up again in 5m


Marvellous, thank you, it is indeed back!

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