Why is there no link to BoingBoing from the BBS?

In the top-left corner, I thought there were two links that lead to the same place: The BBS. I realized it’s one link to the BBS, but why isn’t there a link to BoingBoing.net in the top bar? I like to bounce back forth sometimes and it’s less of a pain than going up to the URL bar to get back to BB.


I wonder this also.

I think the distance is not accidental. BB is BB. BBS is BBS.

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There used to be, but @beschizza opted to remove the secondary (topmost) nav bar as of about a week or two ago!

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Lol he says “your mother is a fragged aardvark” at the end of that. We recently re-watched Labyrinth and I distinctly remember that scene too.

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You didn’t pay your Boing tax. My link works just fine.


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Rob did it. Same time he sent the logo all optimus prime.

I would like a link back to BB, somehow! I just hated having stacked toolbars. Looked like a granny’s IE6.



Any ‘boing’ post on the BBS has this in the “Full Post” copy. It’s the easiest way to get to BB.

The only problem I have with BBS functionality is that embedded videos don’t play for me on chrome in the “Full Post” copy - I always have to click through to the actual BB page to view the embed.


Same in firefox.

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