Articles no longer show number of comments?

I’ve been somewhat behind on reading BB for the past several weeks, but it appears to me that a recent change in the layout of pages for individual articles has eliminated the comments count that used to be included with a link to that article’s BBS topic.


The “discuss” links used to say something along the lines of “Continue the discussion (with 25 comments).” I’d very much like to have this feature back.

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I am not aware of the count ever being there since The Great Front Page Redesign.

Any plans for it @deanputney @beschizza?

And here’s me thinkin’ it did exist until just a couple of weeks ago…?

Are you 100% sure these counts existed after The Great Front Page Redesign?
Because I am not. But if you are…

Hmmm. 100% is pretty sure. I’d say… 90%? In fact I was just going back through some articles from about 10-12 days ago that I missed and I would almost swear I saw the old style link/count on one of them, though of course I was a dumbass and closed the window without taking a screen shot, and now can’t reconstruct it. :frowning:

We started out with this big ol’ chromey-gradienty button and have changed it to a text link in the same style as the front page Discourse links. We’re starting to do some basic AB testing and have stripped our design on permalinks down to increase confidence.

All the cruft – author boxes, thumbnails of other features, a dozen editorial things in the sidebar, all gone in favor of the Discourse/BBS link and a “next post” button.

Thanks for the insight.

Would adding the number of comments back ruin your AB testing?

Just a follow-up to say, some articles are still showing number of comments on their individual pages.

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