Are there fewer comments since the switch to Discourse?

Continuing the discussion from Schneier on America’s new cyberwar offense:

I would expect there to be fewer comments because it is more work to leave a comment now.

With Disqus you can leave a comment on the same page as the article, and you might hold a login cookie to Disqus across multiple websites that use Disqus already.

With BBS you have to click through to a second site, and create a new account at least once. (Though Discourse supports Google, Facebook, Twitter etc logins.)

But BBS is also a legitimate community, intentionally separate from BB proper, where you can create your own topics and have discussions as long as you like, not just for 5 days after publishing. It is like adding a wing to the mansion, if you will.

Yes, I figured the amount of “work” was a factor. Especially on mobile devices.
I know that I’m guilty of giving up, especially on my glacially slow s3.

However, the community aspect holds great promise, and might even find its own place
among my bookmarks:)

Regardless, I do miss the many views, arguments and insights featured directly beneath the articles, and the sheer volume thereof!
I expect this is simply a transitional problem. Boingers are anything but lazy!
Certainly, my intention is not to moan and whine:)

I don’t meant to detract from the article’s subject, though.
(I’m not quite yet familiar with this new system, but I seem to think you’ve created a new topic, and so our conversation won’t appear “behind” the article, but now has a thread of its own?)

Yes, and suddenly everyone is all stingy with the “likes”.


Oh! I wasn’t aware of the linking and the hearting and oh my!

Commencing reading every post ever and liking smart commen…oh, never mind.
Well, this is a start.


Well, bless your heart. I give you one back.


I find I’m commenting way more than I did with Disqus. Mostly because I can use my preferred browser. And while indenting conversations did have some advantages, it made it a lot tougher to figure out where a new comment appeared in the thread. Now when I reach the end of the comments on a post, I decide whether or not I want to read more comments on that topic and track the thread or not. Then I usually click on one of the suggested topics without reading the topic title.


As am I- especially now that this is a forum, a community.
The truly great thing is that it’s opened BoingBoing wide open, offering us possibilites to expand on, and digress from the topics discussed.

An example would be the beard cultivation thread:)

I must say, I’m looking forward to the future interactions with the BB community:)

Yes, I clicked “reply as new topic” on the right hand side of the post – this creates a new related discussion topic and automatically links the two discussions together. See the right gutter of the first post at the top.

(and to get back to the top just click the title of the topic)

Better mobile layout is in the works, and edit, now mostly complete.

Excellent! I’m glad I wasn’t wrong:)
I’m getting the hang of this, it would seem.

It will be interesting to watch this community grow and expand.
It’s the first time that I actually feel compelled to take part!

I’ve hit my maximum allotment of likes for the day :frowning:

I guess I just have too much love to give.

Also the forum works -ok- to read on my webOS tablet, but I can’t really reply. Disqus [all around, like other places such as the Onion AV club] was an odd beast where most everything worked (couldn’t paste, sometimes avs wouldn’t load), but it seemed like the more that went on, the more it broke until after an hour or two of browsing it just would not load. One of the things I just don’t like about the internet nowadays is that people are finally moving away from desktop computers for net-browsing but all this new fancy (and sometimes unnecessary) code keeps breaking things, and plain html options are disappearing (I’m looking at you google).

But as far as the new community goes, whenever you make changes to a public system it takes people a while to adjust no matter how good it is.


You are the second person to mention this after @Cowicide so I am increasing the max likes per user per day on BBS from 50 to 75.



I would click “Like” on your comment, but I don’t want to give up any of my precious “Likes” for the day!



Your likes are much appreciated.

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and here i thought i just wasn’t as funny on discourse.

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It seemed to me like a lot of the “likes” were previously given by “guests” … now you have to be signed in before you can “like” something, so that will probably affect the overall number of “likes” given.

I am not entirely sure how Disqus does this, so I can’t say for sure, but I doubt anonymous likes were seriously counted. Too easy to game and complex to deal with. I suspect there are just more random users that hold an Internet-wide Disqus cookie who are in turn eligible to like on different sites they encounter which do embed Disqus.

From the post featured in today’s “This Day in Blogging History”.

So they were definitely counted, even if they didn’t count for anything behind the scenes.


Ah, counted in different buckets, but still rolled up into the same total count. Interesting. But I would be wary of anonymous user likes as a general rule, it’s one thing to be interested enough to have an active account (and comments) on the site, it is quite another to be a drive-by user mashing buttons.

Arrrg! I kept trying to close that damn screenshot!