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can haz unicron chaser pleeez???

Uh-oh! It’s the red circle of death that means someone is about to be struck by lightning or a falling anvil or a snipers bullet! It’s too late to run!

Nothing can make me love social media. Nothing.

There’s also the ghost town that is the abandoned “official” #BoingBoing IRC channel over on Still a few of us there from back when it started who talk to each other maybe once a week or so. Come on by and relive the glory days of the text based internet!

While I am digging the new commenting system, it seems to have really cut down on comments both in the bbs and comments that get elevated to the main page. Any thoughts about bring more comments back? Is it just a matter of people having to click once more and that is not why they are commenting?

A ton of the stories I read here, I chose to read specifically for the comments.

Also, what are the odds of changing the “auto-close on comments” from (I think) 7 days to maybe 14? Sometimes I want to see a story play out a little more, or sometimes I am simply overwhelmed with work and life to add a comment. Sometimes, interesting things come down the pipe just a day or two before (or after) the comments are closed and there is not time to comment.


As an example of comments not getting elevated to the main article:

This article on Dune had over 100 comments but only 1 made it back to the main article. Is the threshold set too high? The Dune story seems to be an anomaly in number of comments. It seems like a lot of stories are well in the low double digits now. I wonder if part of it “making the extra click” or “no one is going to read it anyway, since it won’t be on the main page of the article”.

Another possibility is all those extra clicks to upvote. I read almost all of the comments on the Dune article and didn’t think to click up once. I was just enjoying reading the comments.

Again, I am loving Discourse, but I would love to see it work better to create more good comments and see more good comments rise to the top.

Per BB decision, only posts explicitly liked by BB editors get promoted at this time.


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