Articles with closed comments

I’m noticing a lot of the articles have closed comments. Is this due to the switch to Discourse/bug-fixes, or intentional?

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I’d like to know, too. Some of the closed articles would be commenting gold mines. I feel like we’re being deprived of excellent popcorn-worthy entertainment.


Comment topics created from BB articles are automatically set to close after 5 days. I don’t think there’s a time limit on user-created topics.

Not exactly what I was talking about. The articles themselves are marked “Comments Closed”, not the forum post.


I have a feeling they are turning them off and on as needed to work out the kinks. The James Clapper article, for example, now has a linked forum post for commenting.

Good. That was one that I was expecting juicy comments from. Bait us with Sad Clapper and Pug, then not let us comment? Blasphemy!

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Yes! I wanted to make a snide remark on Xeni’s Ban Ki-Moon, post!


There were some known issues with older posts. But if these are new posts let us know. @eviltrout and @sam are keeping an eye on the sync between Discourse and BB proper.


Ah, my mistake. I hadn’t seen the articles marked “Comments Closed.” Looks like @codinghorror has left a proper answer to this already.

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The post on Twitter advertising (moving link to bottom since preview pane shows not just the link but the entire page will be inserted) posted at 12:10 3 july 2013 - shows comments are closed (as of this posting approximately 15 min after it was put up).

The twitter article seems to have been fixed - Question is was it fixed by a human, or did something just reconcile itself with more time or was the root problem fixed.

There are still new articles with closed comments. I could be mistaken but this appears to be the case mostly with articles Xeni posted for some reason.


That’s some sort of glitch as far as I can tell.

Looks like we just had another one:

@deanputney any word on this?

edit: fixed by resubmission, apparently?

But, ‘closed’ means no more commenting, or ‘closed’ means all comments disappear forever and ever and you can only read the original article with no user input?

Yup. For example, I was really looking forward to the comments on Behind the disgusting scenes at competitive eating contests myself. I thought it was a specific choice by Xeni to close that particular thread to comments – it could get pretty gross, after all – but now that you mention it, that’s not the only one of hers like that.

It seems ALL the Xeni posts, and only her posts, are getting the Comments are closed treatment.

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“Closed” means no new commenting, but the existing comments will still be on article’s BBS page, and the ones that have made it to the main article page will still appear there.

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No, this is different. Xeni’s threads are starting out as being closed.


Based on the comment that @llazy8 was replying to, I didn’t think the question was specifically about Xeni’s threads.