Automatic thread closings

Do all threads close after a certain fixed period? I know the blog threads close after 5 days.I don’t know if that gives us enough of a chance to go off on weird and wonderful tangents.

I don’t think so. I remember Jeff, Sam, and Rob deciding on the 5 day rule for the blog threads and there was some talk about what to do about meta and general threads, but I don’t remember a definitive answer. I thought I remembered Jeff said he would be laisez-faire with them, closing them only by moderation if they got out of hand. If there is a time limit, it hasn’t elapsed yet.

I think that “reply as new topic” option to the right of the comment is intended for tangents.


To be clear, I am not a moderator here. I have moderator powers but that is mostly for troubleshooting the software. When I see problems, I try to use flags like regular users to bring it to the attention of the actual mods, except when I see crazy egregious spam late at night and the other two mods (@falcor and @felton) are not around. Then I just push the nuke button.

All Boing Boing topics in the Boing Boing category – which can only be instantiated by a BB editor posting on BB proper – should auto-close after five days. Posts in other categories will not.

Is that available after the thread’s closed?

Seems like it. I just did it with a comment in a closed thread.

Groovy. I can envision that being useful. Sometimes we do blather on here.

As an aside, is there a way so that the “thread is now closed” post can not show up on the unread posts list? it’s a bit irritating having it pop up as a “new posts here” warning only to load the page to be told the only thing added is that nothing more is going to be added.
Maybe having it as a flag set by mods which adds a non-post bit of text under the posts saying that the thread is locked?

That doesn’t happen for me unless

  • I am tracking the topic (have posted in it, manually set it to tracked, etc)
  • I have unread some posts before the closing post

If the only unread post is the “topic is closed” post, I don’t see a notification. You shouldn’t either.

They don’t show up in Suggested Topics, but they do show up when you go to the main BBS page and click on Unread from there. I don’t have any right now, but I mostly notice them when I have nothing in Suggested Topics to click on and go back to the main BBS page. Then Unread will have a number next to it and clicking on it shows the locked threads.

That’s true – they will show up on Unread, but not Suggested Topics.

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