Should discussion topics be automatically closed after 5 days?


While we are at it, what’s the point of auto-locking blog posts for comments after 5 days?

BBS Thread/Topic trigger warnings
BBS Thread/Topic trigger warnings
What's the point of like caps?

I suppose there’s more than one reason…My first thought is that otherwise the mods would have far too much to look after.


There are definitely times when I see that notification and feel a sense of relief.


They do let topics die a natural death that’s sometimes a bit overdue. If anyone could keep reviving contentious threads forever there’d be some ongoing flame wars that would drag everything down.


Yeah, I think the idea is that 5 days is enough to say all that needs to be said, at the end if the thread’s still active it’s usually a back and forth argument that needs to stop anyway.


I think that they should go on and on…


Really isn’t the questions thread enough for that?


It’s a bit much, isn’t it?


Logan’s Thread has Run Its Course.


That was simply How It Was Done™ when Discourse arrived on the scene in mid-2013, and we adopted that default as well… if you feel the 5 day restriction should be lifted, probably worth creating a meta topic specifically about that to discuss.

Like this one I just, uh, created.

I guess one obvious counter-argument is anyone is free to start up a related discussion topic, which will not auto-close after five days.

I’m gonna let you finish, but first let me ask you a question: how many times have you said to yourself, "Darn! I wish this discussion had gone on longer?"


At least once.


Not often, but it does happen - “this set off an interesting talk thread, shame it closed”. Starting a new thread seems too drastic for something that will probably not see that many more posts, though. I guess “close after x days of inactivity” would fix it, but then you’d be back to never-ending bickerfests…


I regularly see a topic I want to comment on, only to find it was locked a couple of weeks earlier. AAARGH.


Isnt that what likes are for?


Given the ability to open a branch thread to continue a discussion with a smaller group of people, is this really an issue? That interesting talk thread can then be created and before the main one is closed a notice can be posted for anyone who wants to keep at it. At the same time, it provides a great opportunity for people to walk away if they would prefer.




Likes are for commenting with?

They do tell something, but not much of a story. Little wiggle room for nuance.


Branch threads on dead threads are mostly dead in the water. When a Boing topic is active in the post list people pay attention to it.

I’ll be the first to admit I seldom look for anything else, and only find new games, dizzy threads, etc. accidentally.

Perhaps I am an alone in this.


For the most part - it means i can close a tab finally in a browser. Though on a handful of occasions I have a long reply that I had to trash due to the thread locking. Oh wells.


Make that at least twice. This time by 26 minutes.