But I don't WANT closure!




I agree, the question thread is an important thread. Not only about fun or waisting time. I see it as an important bone of the BBS.


It’s got to be some automated glitch, right?



I flagged it for special attention when I saw the lock. If we all do that, maybe one of the mods will be kind enough to re-open it for us?


If there’s really a limit of 200 posts, that’ll be a lot of questions threads. And lots of other locked threads.


Silly inquiry;

Why not just start a new ‘Questions’ thread?


“After all, Jackie, it’s not like you can’t marry another Kennedy.”


I too flagged and asked why it got closed.


brill idea, thanks!

all i could do on my own was run around in circles creating new threads


Yeah… unique human beings are kinda irreplaceable.

But posts on a website, though?


Has anyone checked to see if Rob Ford knows what happened?


Isn’t he dead?


Of course I did the same, hopefully they are not spending there time with answering, but only open the thread again. :wink:


One thing: history. Old and new stories.


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Insult to injury (and vice-versa):