Do you want to explain this closure?


Neither 200 posts, nor 20,000

I don’t see anything in the default configs about max-posts:

Nor did a search for “20000” turn up anything relevant in the source.

Why did you kill my baby?
But I don't WANT closure!





This topic was automatically closed after reaching the limit of 200 posts per topic

I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind having limits or “caps” on the number of replies a post can have or the number of likes members can give within a 24 hour period in the first place.


Now, now, keep it calm. You don’t want the captains immediately mad. :wink: But apart form that, I think it’s a sudden turn on the steering wheel. Are the waters heavy?


I’m hyperventilating.




Take the reeling, hold it! Hold it! No, hold it stiff! I will get a paper bag.
And we are going to talk to the captains. (Who’s idea was it to have more captains on a ship?)


OK, sorry for not announcing this beforehand, I did not know BBS would get deployed today.

Some of the rationale is here

(Also OOPS the closure message is wrong, the limit on public topics is 10,000 posts, the limit on private message topics is 200. I have edited it and will get that fixed.)

As for public topics getting capped at 10k replies, it’s a big performance issue that is hard for us to fix without a lot of contortionism and possible regressions – we send down a list of every ID in the topic, so when the topic has 15,000 posts, a literal list of 15,000 post IDs is sent down to the client every single time the topic is loaded. This is not a huge deal on desktop but it is crippling on mobile and tablets which have at best 2GB RAM and usually more like 1GB total.

That said, this is a site setting that we set for safety so if @beschizza wants to change it, just adjust auto close messages post count and auto close topics post count in Admin, Site Settings.

Longer term we do plan to fix the performance issue with enormous topics, but it will take a while.


Where do you do that?

@japhroaig and I (and others) have been looking for such information for a while.

Ah, I was looking for something that included max in the setting.

Hrm. Config settings need some standardization…


The performance problems I have on mobile have always been related to bizarre scrolling behavior - and that affects multiple threads. I haven’t really had anything distinct for the questions thread, or the lounge thread. Gifs threads are another story.


Let’s go with the default, see how it goes. @ me if a topic is inappropriately closed and I’ll come along and check it out and probably just leave it closed anyway, y’all.





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Amusingly, this means the Count to 10000 topic can’t actually get to 10000.



Oh please, won’t you do that on that topic?


And let’s not forget…


We’ll always have… this?

#NOT GOOD ENOUGH! waaaaah!


At the current rate, @codinghorror and friends have more than a year to fix the mobile performance issue. Tick tock :alarm_clock: