Chat proposal


Some of our threads go off into the weeds, benefiting no one but those already invested. What if there were a chat channel to divest into? I’m old school so IRC > Slack, for a number of reasons. Freenode wouldn’t bat an eye, I think.


Oh hell no. You want me fired that bad? Forum is bad enough.


Lol, I wanna get into fights in realtime. None of this 30 second or more delay bullshit!


How will you manage the sockpuppets? :wink:


As a guest you’ve always been doubtful. What if you got half-ops?


Geez, I’m having a hard time managing the information overload here already. Yer gonna kill me!


This comes up with surprising regularity, notice it is number three for 2015:

I expect we will get deeper in chat maybe either by the end of this year or definitely by the end of 2017.


Can we have a bot that dumps any post containing ‘African-Kemetic’ into a chat that nobody can see? Or even better into a Mormon scriptural helpdesk service?


*coff question thread *coff


I don’t know, I don’t believe you can paste gifs into IRC so that’s 80% of my possible contributions gone right there…


Yeah I’d ignore chat.


Just keep in mind … there is no 30 second delay here, stuff just streams in as it happens, main diff is that this is not a “chat” like UI


  • “Enter” does not submit it allows you to type another para
  • You can not see who is online

Now … I can see a lot of regulars here totally freaking out if you showed when they were online cause they are online ALL THE TIME.


Freenode IRC #boingboing has been around for years


You know that dumping that crap on me will result in Mormon Curses upon your loins and progeny, right?


(Shuffles feet)

I apologize for your hosting bills.

Wait, no I don’t :wink:


Main advantage: chat not indexed by search engines. Your stupid crap doesn’t have to last forever!

Maybe this is good. Maybe this isn’t good. I actually don’t think it will affect the quality of the discourse at all.

But at that point: What need does chat serve that PM’s don’t? We can already group PM here.

Very interested in the answer, since I have a forum of my own where people bitch about chat, and tapatalk and all manner of other things. They bitch and complain like I don’t have a day job, and other hobbies. lol.


Technically we can create categories here that are only visible to registered users, those categories are not visible to Google.

Really the main differences all fall into “presence” eg: “Sam is typing” and “Sam is in THE ROOM” and UX… too much room to type here, in chat you want twitter size responses.

I think there is room for chat like systems to live with forums but you need to be super careful. You don’t want impossible to search disjoint conversation to be all mixed up with your reasonably well categorized thoughtful content.

You also don’t want “chat” to devalue all the good content on the site cause now conversation that belongs in topics goes in the giant “chat” topic.


I am not a supporter or chat. Others can, but I have 8hr to multi day periods of inactivity. I like the way discourse handles threads and closes them.

At work we use Slack cause we are X people that are always dealing with the same problem set. The only thing chat would do for me is to encourage more puns.


Curses that were written upon gold tablets that got lost down the back of the sofa?


My long-lost curses usually turn up in my car’s ashtray sooner or later.