How Long is "Temporarily Closed" Closed


We had a admin cleanup on aisle 9 earlier, and everything was handled quickly. Unfortunately, the thread has remained closed.

@codinghorror, @Falcor :

Is there a standard amount of time we have to wait for a thread to reopen if there are flagged messages in a discussion? Is it possible for an administrator to reopen a thread after the offending comments have been cleared, or is this strictly time based?

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Ok I will reopen it since @falcor is not around and the flags look handled, e.g. The flag counter is currently empty? I hope that is ok @falcor.

please don’t eat me


Thank you sir. (All praises to the benevolent dragon.)


You did good bipeds. Thank you.


This does make me wonder if the flag close should be a timed auto-close that expires after a while.

Perhaps putting a topic on “timeout” for a few hours is a good way to get people to chill out in a discussion, too?


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Just noting this works now.