Early Thread Closure

O Hai Guise!

Here’s my screenshot:

Hey @jlw: Why close this thread after 17 hours? It looks like a manual close by you, but there doesn’t seem to be a fire here that needed putting out…strange…

Also hey @ @beschizza and @codinghorror - Are you aware of this going on?

(And know how long it took to choose gifs for this Topic?)

I am aware that @jlw can close whenever he damn well pleases on his own discussion topics…


Seems like too many people pointed out the errors in the article and feelings were getting hurt. Best solution? La la la I can’t hear you.

People pointed out errors and I took the post down? We don’t delete things, because people have made a huge fuss about that in the past, so I yanked the post from the front door and attempted to archive the BBS thread.