A cordless circuit tester can be extremely helpful

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It might also save your life when you’re working on household electrical lines.

Basic version can be had for $5 at Horror Fright. $4 if you use a coupon. I have 3 just so one can always be found. But I’m not sure what this will do for vehicular maintenance, it only detects AC, not 12v DC.


Thank you, I have a bag full of gadgets and grabbed the wrong one this AM. Several are orange.

Post is corrected.

Yeah. Still gonna need a regular full contact multimeter to track down DC faults.

However I do think that more electric stud finders should include an AC detector, and perhaps a metal detector for pipes.

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I’m not sure how it’s been corrected. The post talks about testing DC circuits which the linked device won’t work on. Additionally it’s not a circuit tester, it’s a non-contact voltage detector. A circuit implies a closed loop, this will work just fine on an open wire carrying an AC voltage.

Lastly, there’s a link near the top of the post that’s busted. Looks like there’s a lot left to be fixed.


Seems familiar.

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As others have pointed out: Not a “circuit tester,” and it doesn’t work on DC.

Christ, at least spend another $15 and get a Fluke pen. Mine’s been going strong for fifteen+ years and I can’t remember ever even changing the battery. Maybe it inductively recharges itself with detected current? :wink: