Let's see what's inside this scary eBay Chinese factory test equipment

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How shocked you are depends on whether you used this tester or one that actually works.


It works in that if you select how many watts the light should be consuming, non-spec units that consume too much will cause it to beep out a failure code.

As far as safety? NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. At least not with the cheap probes that it came with, and also not with the sub-standard ‘how cheap can be make the wiring’ that literally fell apart as Clive was opening the thing up.


We need to see this product in the BB Store stat!


Agreed! I have three kids who would love this wee gem Christmas morning. Anyone have the link to buy it?

*HAD three kids
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Mind your own tenses


I remember seeing my dad test out light bulbs with this ancient tester he had, with two prongs on the end of cables.

I decided to try it out one day, not realizing you had to grab the tongs by the insulated handles as opposed to the metal tips.

Electricity is an interesting experience if you’ve never felt it flow through you. Not a recommended experience, just. . . interesting.


I’ve had a couple of encounters with 240V and I concur.
(I’ve been lucky, only ever had a brief shock in my hand, with no longer lasting effects than a bit of tingling for a day or so)


Beer filter on a wet cellar floor; 3am or so; alone; the most odd shimmering sensation in my legs. Now I can’t remember the voltage: either 120 VAC or 240 3 phase. I was wearing my lucky rubber boots.

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