Xenomorph cookie-jar


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I am not sure that I’d dare to eat those cookies. One thing is certain. If I ever saw anyone showing signs of indigestion after eating them, I’d immediately throw him into a hermetically sealed compartment.


Finally, a cookie jar that can keep the cat at bay.


I think you underestimate your cat



There’s a movie plot here: things start going wrong after humans begin farming aliens for their tasty brains.


He is definitely not my cat.

We just happen to live in the same house.

The cookies, however, are MINE!! :slightly_smiling:


I’m inclined to agree. Here are ours:

They are actually named Ripley and Jonesy too. They’re not particularly bold or intrepid, but Jonesy in particular will stop at nothing if he smells chicken.

I’m ordering this jar immediately.

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