Yakuza boss issues ominous threat when he was sentenced to death

His threat could = ordering the judge’s killing.

When we’d visit Jamaica, we’d dine outside in a gazebo near the little gazebo-esque kitchen. A radio out there played all day long, and we’d get the news along w/our lunch. One day, a horrifying story was told of several men who’d been convicted of a rape which they’d videotaped. They were sentenced to death by hanging (which blew our minds - neither of us knew they hanged criminals there), and the newsreader concluded the story with, “The judge questioned whether they had been born of mothers.”

Mom and I had one of many conversations about the death penalty in gen’l, and re: this case. Neither of us approved of the death penalty in gen’l for many reasons, chiefly that if one innocent person is killed, it renders the institution an abject failure. We both, however, reached the conclusion that this particular, particularly heinous crime merited a death penalty where such is applicable. The videotape readily proved those monsters’ guilt.

The next time we went to The Island, we learned - yet again during lunch - that the bastards had very recently met their fate.

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Of course that is a standard of evidence that today is already questionable and will be completely worthless in the future, thanks to advancing deep fake technology.

(Obviously I’m not saying that was the case in your anecdote but in the future it won’t be that easy)

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Seeing as this was during the 90s that was not a problem. I also edited out the fact that the men bragged about it to all who would listen.

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Oh yeah, I wasn’t saying this about your case, just about the future. I actually added that to my post in an edit while you were typing.

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Ooo. Thanks, I had got it wrong. Or rather the idea of ‘pollution’ goes through much of the drama (I was thinking of the furies on stage, myself) but ends with Athena founding the new Society. So, to the Athenians, most of that was ancient history, and it ends where they were now. Which is why you quoted it. Cool. I Learned A Thing. Or rather, I learned it properly this time.


It seems like a lot of people are misreading the threat as being from, rather than against, the judge? He sentenced the head of a criminal organization, who then threatened the judge… given that most of the rest of the organization is still free, this is a serious, frightening threat…

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Incidentally, Nomura has since said that he “has no intention to threaten or take revenge” and that his “words had been taken out of context.”

He went on to explain that he meant that this “judgment was a dereliction of a judge’s duty that the judge will regret for the rest of his life.”

This article is from yesterday. Sorry I only have Japanese.

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