Yanukovych hunted


I imagine that just like Tymoshenko’s imprisonment, this is more about political retribution than justice (i.e. elites battling with elites). But I guess this is positive.

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“I want to believe.”

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Should I be surprised that he didn’t have his palatial estate loaded up with a small military force–it’s not like he didn’t have the room.

I don’t cry a single tear for that guy, but I’m afraid that If this turns into another Yugoslavia at Russia’s doorstep, Europe is in really deep shit.

Austin, Texas based private intelligence company Stratfor notes that the removal of Yanukovich from office did not adhere to Ukraine’s constitution, which would have required a parliamentary vote to do so.


It should also be noted that one of the first parliamentary acts after Yanukovich’s disposal was the abolishment of a recent law that allowed cities and regions to vote for minority languages as secondary official languages in their region, which was used mainly in regions with many speakers of Russian, but also by Hungarian, Moldovan, and Romanian minorities. The law had been harshly attacked by conservatives and nationalists as aiming “at the destruction of the Ukrainian language” rather than at improving the situation of minorities.


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