Yayoi Kusama balloon to fly in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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the parade’s contemporary art series started in 2005. Previous artists have included Tim Burton, KAWS, and others. Kusama is the first woman to participate in the series.

Well it has only been 14 years. You don’t want to be rushing in to anything.


Grew up in Brooklyn in the early 80’s. My dad had a buddy who did building maintenance for one of the fancy office buildings downtown on the parade route. Since they were all closed on T-day, we were let into some of the executive window offices on the 5th floor (DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING) and got to watch the floats go by about ten feet away. One time Garfield got a hole and came down right near us. Me and the siblings were laughing for the rest of the day.


All the best art shows are happening when I’m not in NYC … ARGH

I want to see this in the parade
Trump Baby


Definitely. It would be the highlight of the entire parade.

Bigger inflatables than she has done before. This is a good thing. image

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i prefer floating art displays to corporate branded character merchandise - maybe a few that randomly burst into flames - yeah - the kid’s will love it

Is Bullwinkle still a float in the parade?

How about Eddie Cantor?


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