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Yeah, I’m gonna be that guy…

That’s not really ‘letterpress’, it’s debossed. About 25 metres from where I sit, there are a half dozen Heidelber windmill presses that my employer runs. The press operators will point out that the touch of the letterpress should be a kiss, just enough pressure to achieve excellent ink coverage, but no impression marks.

Oh heck, we’ll deboss the crap out of stock if that’s what you want, but the dies aren’t cheap, and the waste is astronomical. Personally, I prefer full colour tight registration from an offset press. Something magical about placing 7 or 8 colours and watching the art pop out at you.

I’m “that guy” as well. I was a Heidelberg Windmill pressman for three years after high school. Fortunately, I got fired when they did a special job on a thicker stock, and I didn’t check the impression setting. The job ended up looking debossed, and I was debossed. (sorry)

I’m glad I got fired though. Summers in a thermography shop were hellish, standing next to a 300 degree open oven 12 hours a day

What’s interesting about this is that it’s a second-order skeumorphism: The debossing provides real shading that mimics the shading effect common in modern UIs, which mimics the shading of real objects.

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